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Today it's very easy to get ideas from platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, people often forget their real needs, identifying with current visual trends because they lack tools and experience for proper evaluation of ideas.


Our key role is to help clients clearly articulate and define their personal needs, which can often appear innovative compared to common expectations, discouraging people from approaching the problem in their unique way.


Our goal is to implement these unique needs into the space, creating conditions for optimal functionality. For us, shaping a luxurious space means understanding individual needs and creating an environment that fosters productivity and spontaneity. In our perspective, true luxury is in creating a space where comfort, quality, and a personal worldview merge into a unique environment that surpasses every standard.

Bogdan i Nevena interior design studio Cherry Art Hub


Nevena Vujasinović m.i.a

Bogdan Milojković m.i.a



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